Live Learning Online Vs Prerecorded Online Courses

With the advent of technology education has advanced significantly. Learning and development (L&D) is a term used to describe classes in the form of a classroom, and self-paced online learning methods, has evolved to accommodate various types of learning and styles. One of these methods is live learning online which offers students with a more engaging and collaborative experience for learners. Before deciding on the best method for your business, it is important to understand how this method differs from the traditional format of pre-recorded courses.

What is live learning?

The name implies that live learning online is a digital educational process that allows students to interact with instructors and classmates in real-time using videoconferencing platforms like Zoom. Live classes differ from other online learning strategies because they emphasize real-time communication with instructors and students. This allows learners to clear any confusion and fosters an understanding of the material.

To maximize the effectiveness of live classes, instructors must structure their sessions according to the goals and objectives set out in their overall course design. Instructors should, for instance, ensure that each Live Session adds value to the reads or recorded videos by defining and expanding them, applying them and practicing, debating and studying.

Students in live classes can also form stronger bonds with their teachers and classmates through group discussion and collaborations. This helps them to remain focused throughout the course. This is especially crucial for difficult subjects like mathematics, chemistry, Russian or Arabic, or web programming that require a great deal of interaction and understanding.